About Parga

Parga : The most beautiful resort of Epirus

The beautiful region of Parga, with its narrow streets under the enetic castle, is located 60 km. north – western to Preveza and 50 km. south – eastern to Igoumenitsa. It belongs administratevely to the Prefecture of Preveza, Epirus – Greece.

The town of Parga is amphitheatrically built and bewitches every visitor with its magnificent view to the Ionian Sea and to the small island of Virgin Mary with its small church. It is a historical region, which through the passage of the centuries has been conquered by many invaders, who left their trace in every place.

Parga gathers a large number of visitors every year, both from Greece and and abroad – it is a special known destination. The traditional bulidings and the taverns give the town a special colour of island. Parga also offers every kind of entertainment since it has many sights and places of interest for the visitor. Please see more information: www.epirusnet.eu.

How you will get to Parga:

During the summer there is a ferry line from Parga to the close distanced islands of Ionian Sea (Paxos, Antipaxos, Corfu, etc.). You can, also, get to Parga by aiplane (with flights to the airport of Aktio – 63km. from Parga or with flights to the airport of Corfu) or by car (with your own car or using local buses). Our region is accessible very easily using Egnatia Odos Motorway.

Sights in Parga and Epirus

During your stay in Parga Olympic Hotel & Olympic Apartments and in beautiful region of Parga, you will have the chance to visit many sights of this region, such as:

  • Venetian castle of Parga, which is located at a hill above the town, with an exceptional view to Parga, to Valtos beach but also to Ionian Sea.
  • The springs of Acherontas, with a special ecological and naturalist interest.
  • Nekromantio, oracle of the 5th century b.C.
  • The ancient Nikopolis, as well as the homonymous museum, into a whole green landscape, near the city of Preveza.
  • The beautiful island of Corfu and its many sights. Corfu is one of the most beautiful greek island, to the north of the Ionian Sea, very close to Parga.
  • Paxos and Antipaxos, picturesque islands of the Ionian Sea, opposite to Parga, where you can get by a direct ferry line from Parga.
  • Ancient Dodoni, one of the most important monuments of the ancient greek civilization, nerabyIoannina and Zagorohoria.
  • The city of Ioannina, capital of Epirus and many others that you will discover during your visit.

More information about Parga and Epirus, please see: www.epirusnet.eu.

Activities in Parga

In Parga you could enjoy many interesting activities: Water SportsMountain BikeDivingRafting and Trekking in Acherontas river – and many others.